Alex Romain on the Practice of Law and Music

Alex Romain

Alex Romain was recently featured in the latest issue of Attorney at Law Downtown LA magazine as Attorney of the Month. The article perfectly captures and discusses how Mr. Romain seamlessly blends his passions for practice of law and music as well as an inside scoop into his family life and background.

“Alex Romain is loving Los Angeles. The award-winning trial lawyer — best known for his role as trial counsel in the successful defense of the late Senator Ted Stevens — left the partnership at Williams & Connolly in Washington, D.C., after his family fell in love with sunny California. With a new home in Santa Monica, he brings a lifetime of personal and professional experiences to a new beginning.

This might seem an unlikely comparison, music and the law, but it is quite natural for Romain, a trial lawyer for whom music has played an integral role in his life, since childhood.

Judges and juries generally want to do the right thing – and that is as much a matter of the heart as it is a matter of the mind. In an opening statement, a cross-examination, or a closing argument, my goal is to take the jury on a journey,” said Mr. Romain. “I want to make them feel that justice, fairness, decency are on our side. That ruling for our client is the inevitable conclusion to the story we have told.”

Click to read the the full Attorney of the Month article.

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