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John Hueston

John Hueston talks epic trials, arduous races, and the search for his next adventure:

Ten years ago, a jury convicted key Enron executives of fraud and John Hueston, an assistant U.S. attorney and lead prosecutor on the Enron task force, was catapulted into national prominence and rarefied legal circles.

The collapse of Enron in 2001 had triggered national outrage. For years, it appeared that no one would be held accountable for the economic devastation of thousands of Enron employees. Then, when the Enron task force prevailed May 25, 2006, thousands who had lost their jobs, life savings, pensions and homes found justice. Across the country, the convictions were seen as proof that the U.S. government will not sit idly by when corporate titans betray the trust of the people.

"That was a unique and irreplaceable part of my career and there are definitely lessons still to be learned from Enron," Hueston said. "Unfortunately, I think that's history we're in the process of repeating."

The guilty verdicts were the culmination of four years of hard work, but in reality, Hueston had been moving toward that moment his whole professional life.

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