Hueston Hennigan Prevails in Jury Trial Against LG


After a four-day trial in the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division, Core Wireless prevailed Thursday against mobile device and home entertainment giant LG Electronics, Inc., proving all allegations of infringement and receiving the full amount of damages sought, $3.5 million.

Alexander Giza of Hueston Hennigan LLP, lead attorney for the plaintiff, successfully countered LGE's argument that the patents at issue were not infringed and invalid, and that even if they were infringed and not invalid, damages should total only $59,000.

The patents in question regard cellphone user interface inventions present in 35 million smartphones sold by LGE. They facilitate user ease and speed of navigation on small screen devices with an application summary window, which allows quick and easy access to key functions and information — a feature that smartphone users have come to expect.

These user interface inventions were invented in 2000 by Mathieu Martyn, a user interface designer and inventor based in the United Kingdom, who testified for Core Wireless.

"Intellectual property always has its roots in an idea, in the creativity of the human mind," Mr. Giza said. "It's great to help a true innovator get credit for his creativity, hard work, and contribution to society."