About the Firm

Our Edge: Remarkable Results through Disruptive Strategies

Deploying creativity and aggressive forward-thinking, we have achieved historic results in trials and appeals across the country, including winning and defeating multi-billion dollar actions.  From day one we do things differently: our focused preparation and aggressive posture in the first 90 days of a case help us achieve the most successful and cost-effective outcomes for our clients.

By developing a deep understanding of the facts, the context, and the law relevant to each case, we aggressively litigate each case without relying on a rulebook. For example, when representing defendants, we often find bases to assert counterclaims or pursue new legal arguments to challenge the claims asserted.

Our successes have translated to recognition as one of the top trial boutiques in the country (See client reviews here) Our clients bring us their most important matters and include Amazon, Tesla, Edison International, Amgen, SpaceX, GlaxoSmithKline, Qualcomm, T-Mobile, Disney, Western Digital, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the State Bar of California, the Navajo Nation, and many others.

Our Team: Unmatched Talent at Every Level

Our attorneys have collectively participated in over 150 trials, and our partners are recognized as among the country’s top trial lawyers. At trial, our diverse teams reflect the profiles of our juries.

We select the most talented attorneys and train them like no other firm, offering clients the strongest teams from top to bottom. Our attorneys hail from the top law schools in the country, including Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Chicago, NYU, Michigan, Georgetown, USC, UVA and UCLA.

Moreover, nearly 70 percent of our incoming attorneys have served as judicial clerks for federal judges, which provides key insights into arguments that resonate with trial and appellate judges. We have developed a ladder-of-success training approach and, in conjunction with our commitment to public service, guarantee at least one trial in the first two years for each of our incoming associates, with a goal of at least five trials within the first five years. This approach to hiring and training allows us to staff cases leanly and ensure that clients have the benefit of trial experience at all levels.

Our Approach to Clients: Investment to Become “Outside GCs”

We take a holistic view of our clients and matters. We will learn about our clients and train our teams to think like “outside GCs.” Each client is a firm client, not a client of any individual partner. Every member of the firm is focused on comprehensively, creatively, and efficiently solving our clients’ problems.

Our Incentives: Aligned with Yours

We seek to align our firm’s financial incentives with those of our clients by offering fee structures based on performance and client budgeting priorities.