"U.S. Trial Firm of the Year" – 3 Consecutive Years (Benchmark; Law360)

Hueston Hennigan Named a Law360 Trials Group of the Year

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“Clients seek out Hueston Hennigan for challenging and complex work because the firm’s singular focus on trials means it strategizes for the endgame and then builds a bedrock foundation for success over the course of litigation.”

Editors highlighted trial victories for opioid maker Endo Pharmaceuticals PLC in a landmark California victory with billions in damages on the line; total victory defending Amazon.com from eBay’s corporate espionage claims; and a complete defense verdict for PwC after former employee Mauro Botta claimed wrongful termination and retaliation for filing a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission complaint.

“What sets us apart is, as a firm, we start with ‘What is the trial narrative?’” said partner and trial practice chair John C. Hueston. “What is the narrative of fairness that’s going to attract the hearts and minds of the jury. We set the stage for the development of our trial themes from the onset of discovery.” Their success at focusing the trial narrative — particularly in emotionally charged cases generating significant media attention — proved key to defending Endo from allegations by four local California governments that the Dublin-based drugmaker’s reckless marketing contributed to the deadly opioid epidemic.

Hueston Hennigan’s success is due in part to the diversity and willingness to entrust associates with significant roles. In the last year, more than half of the roughly 40 associates at the 75-attorney shop had speaking roles in one or more of the firm’s trials.

With a successful trial record over the last five years, the firm is looking forward to several high-profile trials in the offing, too, representing Palantir Technologies Inc. in Delaware and California lawsuits, the criminal defense of Outcome Health CEO Rishi Shah in a $1 billion fraud case and communications company ClearOne Inc.’s patent infringement suit targeting a multinational competitor.

“As the record of victories piles up, so too does the additional trial work,” Moez Kaba said. “It’s the old, ‘The prize for winning a pie-eating contest is more pie.’ But it really excites us. It drives us. The people we attract to this firm as associates and counsel are coming for that reason.”

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