Hueston Hennigan Wins $25 million IP Trial Verdict Against Samsung

Hueston Hennigan won a $25 million jury verdict against Samsung after a five-day trial in U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Texas. The jury found that Samsung infringed all claims of all four semiconductor-related patents at issue.

As co-lead counsel Doug Dixon stated to Law360, “we are pleased that the jury found infringement on all asserted claims and recognized the significant value of Acorn’s patented technology.”

Hueston Hennigan represented Acorn Technologies, an incubator company that has been providing ground-breaking innovations for the semiconductor and telecommunications markets since 1998. Acorn patented inventions that cover methods to reduce contact resistance between metals and semiconductors. The invention, which increases device efficiency, has become more important as semiconductor devices and transistors in particular have become smaller.

The Hueston Hennigan Team included Doug Dixon, John Hueston, Christy Von der Ahe Rayburn, Joe Reiter, Dan Vinson, Neil Anderson, Justin Sorensen, and Julia Haines.

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