Judge Dismisses Claims in State Bar Litigation

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A Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge granted in large part Hueston Hennigan's demurrer against a complaint filed by a former State Bar employee against the Bar, its Trustees, and several Bar employees. Judge John P. Doyle dismissed two of former State Bar public information officer Thomas Layton's three causes of action in his lawsuit against the bar, also dismissing 24 of 25 individual defendants Layton had named in his complaint.

“We appreciate the court’s thoughtful analysis of these issues and are gratified that the judge accepted our arguments,” said Hueston Hennigan partner, Moez Kaba. The Bar has consistently maintained that it acted properly when it eliminated Layton’s position.

Judge Doyle dismissed, without leave to amend, Layton’s claim alleging the defendants had violated his right to privacy and freedom of association. The judge also granted the Bar’s request to dismiss without leave to amend his breach of good faith and fair dealing claim.

Hueston Hennigan represents the State Bar in several high-profile lawsuits brought against the agency by former employees, including the Bar’s former Executive Director. The team handling these cases includes John HuestonMoez KabaJoe ReiterVarun Behl, Stan Chen, and Lana Birbrair.