LOS ANGELES, CA | May 27, 2015

Alex Giza Weighs in on the U.S. Supreme Court Ruling in Commil v Cisco

“It was the best foreseeable outcome: The court took the middle road in Commil, issuing a decision that upheld the high standard required for indirect infringement but rejecting the invitation to eliminate indirect infringement altogether.

LOS ANGELES, CA | May 07, 2015

Barry Bonds Case Provides Lessons for Prosecutors

Last month’s decision by the Ninth Circuit to vacate Barry Bonds’ conviction for obstruction of justice garnered headlines. Obscured by the coverage, however, is whether the decision portends a broader, noteworthy trend: namely, appellate courts evidencing a willingness to reverse white collar jury convictions, and in the process, push back against what they may perceive, rightly or wrongly, as unjustified federal prosecutions.

LOS ANGELES, CA | April 24, 2015

Barry Bonds Case: A Rebuke to Overzealous Feds

In reversing San Francisco Giants' slugger Barry Bonds’ obstruction of justice conviction, Hueston Hennigan LLP founding partner Marshall Camp tells Law360 that the Ninth Circuit made key points about prosecutorial discretion that merit close attention.

LOS ANGELES, CA | January 21, 2014

AB 218: Public Employers Can't Ask About Convictions

LOS ANGELES, CA | October 25, 2013

Lessons From 9th Circ.’s Barry Bonds Decision