Ninth Circuit Victory After Prevailing at U.S. Supreme Court

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Earlier this year, Hueston Hennigan obtained a unanimous opinion in favor of Nutraceutical Corporation at the United States Supreme Court.

The question presented was whether Rule 23(f) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and other mandatory claim-processing rules are susceptible to equitable tolling. The Supreme Court adopted Hueston Hennigan’s argument that these rules are unalterable if properly raised, reversed the Ninth Circuit’s contrary ruling, and remanded the case to the Ninth Circuit for further proceedings. See Lambert v. Nutraceutical.

The Ninth Circuit issued its order on remand and denied Petition Troy Lambert’s appeal in full. The Ninth Circuit rejected all of Lambert’s arguments as to why his appeal was timely and reaffirmed the ruling Hueston Hennigan obtained at the Supreme Court “that Rule 23(f)’s time limit is purposefully unforgiving.”

This ruling also preserves Hueston Hennigan’s victory at the lower court, where it obtained decertification of the putative plaintiff class.

Nutraceutical is represented by John Hueston and associate Joseph Reiter.