What Our Clients Say

“The lawyers at Hueston Hennigan have distinguished themselves with their wise counsel and outstanding advocacy from the boardroom to the courtroom. Their ability to balance legal and business considerations, practically and efficiently, is truly exceptional. They are among our go-to trial counsel, and they deliver results.”
Jake Schatz, SVP
Electronic Arts Inc.
General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

“In one of Western Digital’s most important legal matters in recent years, Hueston Hennigan partnered with us to craft and implement a creative, multi-staged litigation strategy that delivered repeated victories in both court and international arbitration. Hueston Hennigan has a very deep bench of legal talent and are our trusted counselors for our most important cases.”
Michael Ray
Western Digital Corp.
Chief Legal Officer and Secretary

“Hueston Hennigan is an ideal choice for the toughest cases; the combined, concentrated trial talent of Hueston Hennigan makes this firm a top-shelf litigation choice for virtually any high-risk, complex matter.”
Melissa Scanlan
T-Mobile USA Inc.
Senior Director for Litigation and Antitrust

“Hueston Hennigan has distinguished itself with creative and practical solutions to challenging legal issues.”
Todd Maron
Tesla Motors, Inc.
General Counsel

“Hueston Hennigan lawyers distinguished themselves as dynamically creative and unsurpassed in courtroom advocacy. Their care extended beyond the individual case: They work closely with our in-house counsel and their post-mortem review of matters is a value-add that fits squarely with our continuous improvement culture. They are a go-to firm for the most complex and challenging cases.”
Barry H. Caldwell
Waste Management, Inc.
General Counsel

“Hueston and Hennigan are two of the nation’s top trial lawyers and legal strategists. They deliver superb results cost-effectively, while providing world-class, highly responsive client service. They are widely admired and respected by judges and lawyers across the country. They are a General Counsel’s Dream Team.”
Steve Zipperstein
BlackBerry Ltd.
General Counsel

“I have extensive experience working with the Hueston Hennigan team. In each engagement, they have provided extraordinarily effective lawyering, counsel and strategic business advice. They are unrivaled as ‘go to’ trial counsel for complex, high-risk litigation.”
Bob Millen
Pizza Hut / Yum Brands
former General Counsel / Chief IP Officer

“Hueston Hennigan brings uniquely creative and forceful advocacy to each engagement. Most impressively, Hueston Hennigan has a disruptive approach to litigation, which goes beyond the other elite trial law firms. They are a results-oriented firm, and they deliver.”
Joel Simkhai
founder and former CEO

“I hired Hueston Hennigan because of their extensive experience litigating and winning high-profile fraud cases. It was a fantastic decision. In short order, they filed a compelling complaint, defeated the other side’s efforts to dismiss the case, strategically obtained devastating discovery, and secured a phenomenal settlement for me. Their commitment to my case, insights and advocacy resulted in a total and unmitigated victory.”
Alec Baldwin
actor and philanthropist

“John Hueston and Brian Hennigan have created a world-class law firm for the 21st century, capable of serving the litigation needs of individuals to global companies. Its talented team of professionals is dedicated to working closely with clients, and has the creativity and flexibility to bring the simplest solutions to the most complex problems.”
Arnold Pinkston
General Counsel

“We turned to Hueston Hennigan with our most important matter, and they delivered a complete courtroom victory. They are not only exceptional trial lawyers and creative thinkers, but trusted advisers who studied our business and understood our objectives. In our experience, Hueston Hennigan’s “specialty” is winning the toughest cases.”
Steve Soboroff
Park at Cross Creek / Playa Vista
Developer / former Chairman and CEO

“We turned to the Hueston Hennigan team as we approached a trial on a complex and critical matter for the Company. They were strategic, thorough, creative, and entirely effective. I walked into court with the superlative Hueston Hennigan team by my side, and I walked out with outstanding results.”
Robert Davis
Senior Vice President and General Counsel

“In cases for which we need the most vigorous and zealous representation, no one answers this call better than Hueston Hennigan. From junior associates to senior partners, the quality and skill of Hueston Hennigan attorneys is second to none. In case after case and trial after trial, Hueston Hennigan fearlessly advocates for our clients in court. And they win.”
Jenny Farrell
Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice
Director of External Relations