Why Us?

The Hueston Hennigan Difference: Trial-Ready From the Start

Drawing on our experience as trial lawyers, we approach cases differently than other law firms that seek merely to “litigate.” We begin every matter with the assumption that it will be tried. This focuses us on the essential facts, documents, and witnesses that are likely to decide the outcome of each case. As a result, not only are we always prepared to try the case, but we avoid unnecessary pretrial disputes, minimize discovery costs, and obtain superior outcomes for our clients.

Your Team

Led by two Fellows of the American College of Trial Lawyers, we have successfully tried dozens of cases in forums across the country, and amassed an extraordinary record of high-profile victories, including a recent $5.15 billion settlement after trial.

We select the most talented attorneys and train them like no other firm, so that we can offer our clients the strongest teams from top to bottom. Our attorneys hail from the top law schools in the country, including Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Chicago, NYU, Michigan, Georgetown, USC, UVA and UCLA, and more than half have served as judicial clerks for federal judges. We have developed a ladder-of-success training approach and, in conjunction with our commitment to public service, guarantee at least one trial in the first two years for each of our incoming associates, with a goal of at least five trials by fifth year.

Your First Choice When Everything Is on the Line

We seek to align our firm’s financial incentives with those of our clients by offering fee structures based on performance and client budgeting priorities. We spend time learning our clients’ businesses and objectives, and train our teams to think like “outside GCs.”


We Seek the Best Outcomes for Our Clients at Every Stage of a Matter

This means that we want to win every hearing, every motion, and every event in a case. And we relish taking cases to trial.

We Care About Our Clients and Offer Creative Solutions

We take a holistic view of our clients and matters. We will learn about our clients and their businesses. Each client is a firm client, not a client of any individual partner. Every member of the firm is focused on comprehensively, creatively, and efficiently solving our clients’ problems.

We Invest in Our Clients and Matters

We encourage value-minded fee arrangements that reward our successes.

We are Committed to Providing Top-Notch Talent From the Bottom Up

We hire only the most talented and skilled attorneys and staff. We will not sacrifice quality for quantity.