Sumner Redstone’s Ex Loses Bid to Force Deposition

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Law360, Los Angeles -- A California judge on Friday ruled Sumner Redstone's ex-girlfriend can't force the nonagenarian billionaire to be deposed before she answers his discovery requests in his $150 million elder abuse suit against her and another ex-girlfriend, saying it would be an abuse of discretion to do so.

Redstone’s October suit against his former companions is just one piece of the protracted legal saga surrounding the Redstone estate, in which Herzer filed suit alleging Sumner Redstone is mentally incompetent and being controlled by his daughter to keep the long-time lover and caretaker from claiming her fair share of the mogul’s assets.

A California judge in May 2016 put an end to Herzer’s petition, saying Sumner Redstone’s testimony in a 15-minute video-recorded deposition “ultimately defeated her case.”

Redstone filed the elder abuse suit in October against Herzer and Holland, alleging they executed a years-long plot to drain him of everything he had, manipulating and sometimes drugging him to get him to sign over control of his funds.