Judge Affirms School District’s Anti-Bullying Efforts

“[The order] is a helpful guidepost for others who are trying to take meaningful productive steps to protect students in their schools, whether they’re targeted for race, gender, sexual orientation or something else,” said partner Moez Kaba in an article for the Daily Journal.

Hueston Hennigan attorneys Moez Kaba and Adam Olin represented the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) on a pro bono basis and filed an amicus brief, arguing in favor of the anti-Islamophobia initiative in an effort to reduce the bullying of Muslim students.

As explained in the Daily Journal, the court’s “ruling relied heavily on an amicus brief filed by Hueston Hennigan LLP attorneys representing CAIR, including its explanation of the First Amendment Establishment Clause and its discussion of the benefits of anti-bullying efforts.”

The school district worked with CAIR to develop and support the initiative. A group sued San Diego, arguing that the initiative and in particular the partnership with CAIR violated the First Amendment and various other laws. The plaintiffs sought a preliminary injunction against the school district. 

The Daily Journal covered both the filing and the order. “Judge confirms constitutionality of San Diego anti-bullying program,” (September 27, 2018). “In suit, parents claim school’s Islamophobia program unconstitutional,” (July 23, 2018).

Hueston and Kaba Named to Daily Journal Top 100

Repeatedly named to the list and highlighted for his extraordinary trial record, Mr. Hueston pledges “to take on the toughest cases.” While Mr. Hueston has faced just about everything, a first for him will be facing the justices at the U.S. Supreme Court in oral argument later this year on behalf of nutritional supplement maker Nutraceutical Corp. The firm’s client is facing a class action over false advertising claims regarding its product. Mr. Hueston said. “Very few trial lawyers get to do it. It’s a good example of how one has to reinvent oneself in practice. We did it when we started this firm, and now I feel like a young kid in the law again.”

For the second consecutive year, Mr. Kaba has been recognized for his outstanding trial work and courtroom advocacy. The Daily Journal touted, in particular, Mr. Kaba’s work for the Navajo Nation after the 2015 wastewater spill from the Gold King Mine and representation of the Navajo Nation against Wells Fargo as examples of the firm’s commitment to “high stakes impact litigation.” Asked about his and the firm’s impressive record, Mr. Kaba said “the cherry on top for me is to see the direct impact of the elite services we provide.”

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Hueston Hennigan Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit for Bike Maker Peloton

Peloton, the technology company that revolutionized the fitness industry with its category-creating indoor cycling bike and recently raised $550 million at a more than $4 billion valuation, filed a lawsuit against Flywheel Sports, Inc, claiming that rather than innovating and investing, as Peloton had, Flywheel infringed the Peloton Patents by creating a copycat of the Peloton Bike called the “FLY Anywhere,” that, among other things, detects, synchronizes and compares the ride metrics of remote users on a graphical user interface.

Peloton also claims that Flywheel’s infringement is willful. Just three months before Flywheel announced its development of the FLY Anywhere bike, one of its largest investors, Michael Milken—the prominent businessman previously convicted of securities law violations—attended a private investment conference for high net worth investors where he met with CEO John Foley, where he “pressed for, and obtained, information from Foley about Peloton’s technology and business strategy.”

The story was covered in The Wall Street Journal and Law360, among others.

Peloton is represented by Alexander C.D. Giza, Doug Dixon, Xinlin Morrow, Jenna Williams and Neil Anderson of Hueston Hennigan LLP.